The Power of ONE Thing You Do Today


There was a song sung decades ago by Three Dog Night called One Is The Loneliest Number. Of course we talk these days about the importance of having people in our lives, those who care about us and not feeling alone.

However, there are also regular challenges and exhortations from preachers, experts and motivators to combine our efforts with others, do something BIG and create a movement that will change the world somehow.  And all of that has its place and purpose.

But sometimes I think we need a few more reminders about what just ONE person like us can do to initiate change, genuine transformation and long-term impact. One isn’t necessarily lonely.

Perhaps it borders on trite or cheesy but the picture of a rock thrown into the water and the corresponding ripples created by that single rock still makes the point.

One action, comment or decision can have results that are both big and lasting for years even generations to come. They ripple beyond that one choice.

I like the picture of a giant domino display,  you know the ones very disciplined people set up over dozens of square feet of space using all sorts of twists, turns, rises and falls for the final result.

Once their preparation is completed, however, what starts the process? The designer knocks over one domino and the rest just happens. Hundreds, if not thousands, of dominoes begin to fall at a rapid pace, initiating a fascinating, often beautiful display of motion, color and flare.

You see, our one action today, tomorrow or the next day – a word of encouragement, an act of kindness, a listening ear or hundreds of other possibilities – could be that first domino in the life of someone.  It could be the one domino that leads to another falling, another after that and then hundreds or more after that in a family, office, community or neighborhood.

But if we don’t knock it over, think of what might be missed or never happen? You see, we can all be that first domino no matter our past, present, limitations or struggles. We just need to have our eyes and ears open. If you’re a person of faith, you might listen for that whisper or quiet voice saying Do it now. Whatever, don’t miss out. Don’t stay paralyzed. Knock one over – today.


Last Laugh: Eating Healthy Could Kill You


We had a major crisis at our house the other day. We were out of regular hamburger buns. Thankfully we have a strong marriage.

However, I needed one for the lunch I was going to take to work and so my resourceful wife looked through the freezer and found several gluten-free buns apparently left from our if-we’re-the-only-living-survivors cache of bread and other frozen things.

The bun didn’t look too bad (okay it could have been a pretend rock at the history museum), so I slipped it into a Ziploc bag and went off to work. Later at our staff meeting I placed my perfectly grilled burger from the night before on said bun, added some mustard that had likely been in the church fridge before the Internet and dug in.

I now know why it makes sense that if you rearrange the letters in GLUTEN-FREE you get TEEN LEG FUR or URGENT FLEE. I’ve never eaten a paper bag but . . . . Who new that gluten which also can spell LEG NUT mattered so much?

I truly do feel bad for those who have to limit their diet to gluten – free items. They generally have serious health cautions and need that regimen.

But I wonder about the people who for  supposed health reasons CHOOSE other similar options. You know – green smoothie cleanses, HMR (Help Me Rhonda) diet, the military diet (eat what you want, then run twenty miles with a full pack and throw up) and the Werewolf Diet (I’m not kidding) where you fast during every full moon and watch horror movies (okay I am kidding).

There is one program called the Cookie Diet now also a new sponsor on Sesame Street. Now that’s one I could get into although I don’t think they include gooey chocolate chips or Snickerdoodles. But supposedly a regular dose of somewhat tasty cookies can lose you pounds and give you new energy and health in no time.

Hmm . . . where are the Oreos?