What I Won’t Do Out Of Guilt on Facebook

facebook-posts-11We’ve all gotten them, haven’t we? Those lofty petitions from our friends and acquaintances begging us to please post something so that they feel more loved (remember Sally Field at the Oscars?), appreciated, listened or noticed. And maybe those people mean well, but I’m just stubborn enough to refuse to respond even if my wife sends one (which she does not).

Sorry, but I have better things to do and in my mind so do you but that’s your issue.

I guess I just felt compelled to try and change a few minds (okay, I won’t) and hope that at least some of you will  understand why I don’t take your passionate challenges.

Perhaps my most poignant reason for refusing to respond is that I’m pretty convinced that no one else cares about:

Whether anyone else reads your posts. What the eight or tenth or fiftieth picture is in your photo album. What color, movie star, animal or pop tart you or I might look like. And I’m too old now to even remember some of my friends names much more where I met them and again no one cares.

And actually it’s often after getting more of these posts that I do think of a word or two that reminds me of you who ask, but they are words I probably can’t use on Facebook

Are you seeing a theme here? This stuff doesn’t matter and few care or only people who don’t have a life do and so maybe you don’t want them for friends.

So yes, while Facebook can be a place for sharing lots of memories, fun moments, pictures of our food (really?) and other pictures of places we’ve gone believing that others not as important as us won’t go, could we skip the guilt-driven demands to our FB friends guilting them into things just because we tell them to feel bad if they don’t?

Can we quit suggesting that others are not nice, spiritual, Christ-loving or passionate about changing the world because they don’t jump on our cute and clever bandwagons of interest or our idea of what matters most to God?

Although while I’m thinking about it maybe you could share this post on your Facebook page for me. I think it’s really good.